Monday, 2 January 2017

The End Of The Funtimes (for now!)

Oh no!
Today is the last day of Mr Bs' festive break!

At least he doesn't do panto (oh yes he does) - although if you go into it with the right frame of mind, it can be really good fun. But two shows on Christmas Eve and then 2 on Boxing Day, phew, it's hard work. Plus, if you don't drive then you're scuppered for getting to and from home/digs to work.

It's been brilliant having him home and we have really enjoyed the break, not really planning anything, but just going with the flow.

We've enjoyed doing the food shopping, sticking to our 'little traditions', using the catering butchers for all our Christmas meaty things. We got a great deal on some fillet steak, (more of a present!), so we had that for our Christmas Dinner which was a bit different. Waitrose and Asda tend not be our usual shops, as they mean 2 bus changes each way, or taxis, which you don't feel guilty about, "because it's Christmas", and as we were in Kingsthorpe it seemed rude not to go into Gallones Ice Cream Parlour!

We've used the village near our Doctors' surgery. So again, just a bit different from the norm. A different place to have coffee, new people to talk to and in the charity shop, one lady that remembered Mr B from the Derngate Theatre, when we first moved up here.
We bought a real, growing Christmas tree. Not quite a first, but it was ages ago when we last had one. I'm hoping it'll tick over in the garden, and be a new perching area for all our birds.

Some great telly. Did anyone else see "Peter Pan Goes Wrong"? Brilliant!! Do try and see it on BBC iPlayer if you can. I'm thinking if I watch that everyday with the Lumie light on, that will make me mentally strong enough to take on the World!!

Mr B on the far left, holding the 'magic bauble'. Photo from the BRB Facebook page.
 There was also a wonderful programme to honour Sir Peter Wrights' 90th birthday, "The Ballet Master". The picture above is the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company on stage to celebrate his actual 90th birthday.
I remember when I was first shown around the Royal Opera House and was introduced to him as he was Artistic Director of the Company I had just joined. He was a real gentleman and charming to boot. He offered Janet, my boss, and I, tickets for his production of The Nutcracker, that was being filmed that day for the Beeb. So kind. Mr B had coffee with him a few years back, when the Company was in London and he had been caught up in all the mayhem after that Icelandic volcano erupted. He must've been in his 80s and he just took it all in stride. He had to get back to London from Prague or somewhere like that, and had to use all sorts of transport to get back. I bet most of us would have just given up and done another few days in the hotel! I knew a lot about him and his work, but was totally amazed at what I didn't know!
Such a brilliant man.
A 'reet' good bloke!

Photo from the Radio Times
Sir Peter Wright, I salute you!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Happy New Year

Hope your New Year came in with a bang!

We set off a few fireworks in the back garden after listening to 'the bongs' at midnight, on the radio.

Our neighbours came out and we wished each other "Happy New Year".
It was jolly and festive and a great start to 2017.

We came back indoors and watched the end of Pulp Fiction and the beginning of Reservoir Dogs and went to bed.
Then I was sick as a dog!!  I'd had half a glass of Freixenet, so I guess I was just excited!

So, here's to a brand new year.
Let's hope it's a good one!

Love to you all.