Sunday, 2 July 2017

Grubby Nails

As I said in the previous post, one of the few things I have been doing is gardening.

We added the new pigeon...not sure what our visiting real ones think! The blue spiky flower(?) and the marigolds were sown last year, so were quite a surprise. Some things are meant to be easi-grow, like marigolds, but I don't have much luck with them. Same with lettuces. Why can't I grow a bog standard green lettuce? Or spring onions.

But this year I am chuffed to bits with the strike rate of my cornflowers. I love them. The tomatoes have germinated well. They are for Mr B as I don't eat them, but I do love the smell of the leaves if you brush past them.

The lilac was fab as always and the Philadelphus (mock orange) followed on and really has outdone itself this year. That's a big swathe of pruning to do, once the rest of the creamy flowers have dropped off. It looks like confetti all over the path - so pretty.

My rose growing is a bit hit and miss, but the flowers do smell divine. Another showing from last year is the pale pink snapdragon.
Did you ever makes these 'talk' as a child?
Still can't resist doing it, even now!!
Potted up the wisteria; think it'll need several decades before we get the 'wow' factor! The courgettes are pushing out a whole heap of flowers, but unfortunately they are all male, so not fruiting yet. I've read they do this to entice the bees, of which we have loads, then they produce the female flowers.
I may have to have a go at pollination myself!
The swing seat has been used a lot this year and is now adorned with my birthday bunting that Char, of  't*rexes and tiaras', made for me.
I love it!
Thank you so much.

Having mentioned the birthday, this was the cake that Mr B got for me.
Pigs in mud.
Quite apt, seeing that with all that gardening, I was a very happy Zoe in mud!!
Hence the title.
My teeny-tiny short nails get caked in soil. I do wear gloves when I am doing the pampas or lots of pruning, but that's the only times.
 I am such a mucky pup!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Well, Hello There

It has been nigh on impossible to write a blog post when I really haven't done anything!
Y'know...I got up, played Solitaire on the laptop, did some gardening, went to sleep.
Not exactly gripping, is it?

But things are looking up. Yay! I have been out of the house three days running.
(Not actually running, tho'!)

It started with a doctors appointment on Wednesday, with my actual GP. I was shocked to work out that the last time I had left the house was my last GP visit, that was 25 May.
That's basically a whole month! Wowsers.

So, having got out, we did a 'big' shop at Sainsbury's and had tea there. I get their egg, ham and chips, but ask for the ham to go. I'd never eat all that and the ham makes a couple of delicious sarnies the following day! Result!

broad beans have such pretty flowers
Thursday a friend of ours, drove over from Leicester. She was meeting someone for lunch near to us, so we had coffee and cake at the M&S café. She must be late 80s and is quite amazing. If I was only half as active as she is I would be chuffed with myself!!

Yesterday we went into town to sort out my phone. I'd dropped it on the garden path and smashed the glass, trying to get a photo of 2 planes flying together, which looked a bit odd ie I'd never seen anything like that fly over us before.

Turned out, (I'm guessing), to be an Atlas and a Hercules practising their formation for The Queens' birthday flypast!

So on that note I shall sign off, but I'll be back soon!