Thursday, 3 August 2017

The August Break 3 - Roses

Bit short on real, grown in the garden, roses at the mo. There's been a flurry of flowers and now there are a lot of buds, but they are all very tight and very green!

But these wonderful, over-the-top sunnies fit the theme to a 'T'.
Add to that a Cath Kidston duvet cover to up the rose count.
Bloomin' luvverly!

The August Break 2 - Gold

 Or, (geddit?), Fool's gold aka Pyrite.

This orb is around 2 inches in diameter and is meant to be helpful for mental stability.
When you hold it in your hand it takes in your body temperature, until it becomes quite hot.

To add to the gold prompt, I photographed it against our gold velvet curtains. So good at keeping out the draughts in the winter, and keeping the room cool during hot weather. (Yeah, I know, that doesn't happen very often here in the UK!!).
Mr B found these on one of his solo trips to Plymouth at a vintage fair in the Guildhall.
Great find!

Carrying on the golden theme, I have a new necklace that is 'gold' but on reading the box, is actually sterling silver! It is by Argento Vivo and I found it online at TKMaxx. I love the crystal point stone and that it changes colour. Not sure what it is, but it makes me feel better just looking at it!

I also probably feel pretty good after drinking the Goldkenn Swiss chocolate liqueur too!!
The first time we came across this was when I did the only foreign tour with Mr B to Lausanne. We got them as tiny chocolates on our pillows when the maids came round and turned down the covers. (Swishy, eh?)
Of all places in the UK, we found the gold bar chocolates in BHS.
(Sad day when that store closed).


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The August Break 1 - Morning

So, once again it's that time of year to join in with Susannah Conway's "The August Break".

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If you're new to this, all you need to do is to take a photo everyday and either blog,  Instagram or share it on the Facebook Group Page.
Or all three, if you fancy!

To make it easier, there is a list of daily ideas, but you are free to photograph whatever you want.

So, onto my photo.
The hint was 'morning'. Don't really do mornings!! But we do try to do breakfast of some sort.

I would like to add that I thought that the phrase was actually 'C'est ce bon', but this spelling is from the song of the same name, by the inimitable Eartha Kitt.
(The very same that Mr B got to sign his boot.)
French for "it is so good".
"C'est si bon,
So I say it to you,
Like the French people do,
Because it's oh so good."

...and my breakfast was...