Thursday, 10 October 2019

World Mental Health Day

That's today.

I am really uncomfortable by all the 'bandwagon' things that are going on under that banner. And I am surprised that that is how I feel.

Once upon a time, I would've championed anything that may help people with this terrible illness.

The junior royals backing that really rather awful TV ad. Great if you are sitting there watching with family/friends. Not so good if you are alone. Then it will probably reinforce the void.

And it is all very well, telling us to talk, to bring it out in the open. Whatever the powers that be say about the job market being open to recruiting people with mental health, unless it is specified as a 'special' vacancy, you can still find yourself being ostracised. So, it's illegal; no one would say you didn't get the vacancy because of mental health issues to your face. Any other 'reason' will do.

I finally got the recognition and support that I need, but, at the end of the month, I have a meeting with a psychiatrist, and have been asked to come with my Support Worker.

Their boss has allowed them to keep supporting me long after my 6 month stint had come and gone, whilst waiting for this appointment to come through. But once that appointment is dealt with...left to my own devices again. They may well offer me something/one at the meeting, but the time it'll take to get to the top of the list is as long as a piece of string.

And that could be too long.

Cos, yeah, Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran making a little video is really going to help me. PH apparently 'can't get out of bed' because he has 'issues' and ES is once again upsetting his long-suffering neighbours with some other great plan to build something else on his estate. 
Not really the sort of people that give out a positive message on anything, let alone mental health.

Maybe I've just turned into a grumpy old lady. To me, the biggest issue is the step from after talking. Thousands of people need professional help, and that just isn't there when it is needed. All resources are stretched too far, which is no good for the actual health workers themselves. Yes, talk, but be aware there may be a need for support once Pandoras' Box is opened.
I  just feel Mental Health is too important to be hijacked by public figures who are treated as celebrities.


Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Oh my goodness!
10 years since I wrote my first post, and the things I wrote then are pretty apt still, for now.

Woohoo! 1st post
 Having read so many wonderful, inspiring pieces I have decided to celebrate my birthday by starting my own. This will take a while as I have to make decisions! Heading, background, which pictures to upload first, so please bear with me; I will try to make it worth your while. Have a great day and thanks for your inspiration!

So, I'm thinking first things first. For all our British weather can be bizarre at the best of times, I think I can safely change my header. something brighter and sunnier.
Sadly can't take the credit for these amazing sunflowers
Loose a lot of the pictures down my sidebar. Many of the links are no more. Past vintage fairs are just that. Vintage and in the past.
I trying to be forward thinking. Goals and stuff. Positivity.
 You get my drift? 
I wish you could've smelled these lilacs...WOW
Talking about being positive. The doorbell went while I was doing this post and it was a neighbour bearing gifts! Lamb biriany and pakoras. 
Yummy, yummy in my tummy!
Rene cat thankful she doesn't have to wear a bra. But sleeping on one is another matter!
I think it's gonna take a while to go through 'The Blogs I Follow' list, but a little bit of blogging housekeeping is well needed. I know that several people on my list don't blog anymore, but I don't want to remove links just in case they start again!  I wouldn't want to miss out as they have given me so much joy and support during the past 10 years. Some are 'www-dot-thru-the-airwaves' only kept in touch with over a keyboard. But there are also an amazing bunch of people that I have met, 'in the flesh', so to speak!
I will sign off for now.
I hope some of you will be back in touch and here's to the next ten years,

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year, New Me

Whoa there!
Happy 2019 to any of you lovely lot still out there in Pennyblossoms World.

Cannot believe it was nice enough to sit out on the swing seat with a hot drink and a pain au chocolat. Yes, we had double layers on but it was really rather lovely in the sun!

a rather naked 'summer tree'
2018 was a bit of a year. Not so much the year itself, but more the fallout from 2017.

After a minor intervention from my GP, I ended up actually getting some much needed support. A proper Mental Health Nurse and a Support Worker.

Tomorrow I start a brand new adventure. I have been accepted for two course of rTMS, (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).