Friday, 4 March 2011


Hi! I'm Peregrine. Mr B took these pictures of me backstage, so that is why they are so dark.

Plodding my way through the scenery backstage.

What's going on down in the dock?

( I'm sure he's a Thelwell pony!)
Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden played darts on that board when they were filming Britain's Got Talent. Bet none of them were as beautiful as me!

Don't cha wish you had a fringe like this? Don't cha? How about a new pony band....The Peregrine Dolls?


  1. I love a pony with a good forelock! Peregrine is super cute and must be immensely well behaved to be allowed in a theatre - in my experience, the smaller the pony the naughtier it is.

  2. ahhhhh lovely, what was he doing there? dee x