Monday, 7 March 2011

Pony In A Lift

As promised!
Mind you, I have to say it's more 'on' than 'in'. I thought it was going to be the goods lift with the big metal concertina door!
But, I think it's still pretty impressive. That pony is so laid back!!
Mind you, 'elf & safety' were a bit narky...the lift is not for human use. But as was pointed out, surely it was safer to have a person with the pony than let him travel on his own!!! It's H&S gone mad!!
So, no more pony malarkey until I get to see him in October in Plymouth!! Honest Guv!
Have a good week.
Z xx


  1. *snorts* I'm just imagining him going in the lift by himself and pressing the buttons with his nose. He looks clever enough!

  2. What a little beauty!