Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Not-Quite-Wicker Wednesday 17

This was going to be one of the final WW blow-outs of 2011, but although I'd got everything downloaded onto my laptop before I went away, when I tried to piece it altogether in London, well, the unsecured internet access wouldn't let me!

A rather dusty, fairly ordinary Ruffino bottle.

But turn it around...and lo and behold...Pavarottis' autograph!

He was singing "L'Elisir d'Amore", (Elixir of Love), at the Royal Opera House.

At one point he strolled across the stage with a couple of these bottles slung over his shoulder.
Mr B was working at the ROH and got tickets for me and mum to watch the General. This is a rehearsal performance and sometimes the songs (or dance, if ballet), are just marked out. But the wonder that was Pavarotti sang it all. Beautifully. It was wonderful!

I believe there is a video made by Whickers World of Pavarotti preparing to perform at Pangkor Laut, but I can't find any snippets of film for love nor money! So, I've found a little taster insert for TV to advertise his Hong Kong programme instead.


  1. Woah! I was not expecting to see that signature on there! How exciting.

    I am just about to email you. Stand by your inbox...

  2. oohhh that is fantastic ;-)) He was a great artist what a wonderful memory and a little bit of history in your hands. I would love to have heard him sing in the flesh such an amazing talent. Hope your having a good week sweetie i can't believe its Friday again tomorrow. dee xxx

  3. Wow! How cool is that!! How wonderful to have the signature!!

    Well done for finding such a treasure!

    Happy New Year!