Friday, 6 January 2012

Step Out Of Christmas

Tonight is Twelfth Night, so it's tatty-bye to the Christmas decs until the end of the year! (Well, maybe November, if I get organised enough!)

As we were away we didn't put much up at home, just a few bits, including this amazing pink, pre-lit tree. (Bought for a fiver at WH Smiths in their sale last January).

This was our hotel room in London. We had a tiny pink feather tree, also bought for a fiver from WH Smiths last January!

It was great having the ledge above the tele to put the cards up on, almost like having a mantelpiece! (Which we don't have at home. Hence the novelty factor for us!)

I took the photo with the credits of EastEnders because it shows the O2 and the area we were staying, so it made a poignant memento. Soppy, or what?

So, let's see the Festive season out with a bang, with the incomparable Elton John!

Only how many days to go...


  1. LOVE that new header picture, you haven't changed a bit, you've still got the most beautiful smile in the world! xxx

  2. Hello, Thank you for your lovely comment, I do put a lot of pressure on myself. I did tell myself that the blog was for me and if any one followed that would be bonus just need to keep telling myself.
    That is a lovely header is it you? How sweet you look.
    Hope you have

  3. Hello!

    I'm just popping over to tell you about the shoes....
    I had no money for shoes for my went to a charity shop and sitting there....perfectly right for an interview were the lucky navy shoes....they looked super smart !


  4. Missing you. Hope all is well in this new year for you and Mr. B. :)