Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Also (heart) The Trafford Centre!

Sorry, but I have to admit I am a HUGE sucker for this amazing building.

"Hold Fast That Which Is Good"

Lions, marble, gold...apart from the rain, (well, it IS Manchester!), what's not to like?

Come on in to my humble abode.

A little dark? Let me put the lights on.

Are these real???

This is the main 'eating area', The Orient. Although you cannot see it clearly the 'sky' changes, going through a whole days cycle...light to dark with the most amazing starry sky. This is probably my most favourite thing! Some of you will recognise it as the place that Gok Wan has held some of his 'Naked Catwalks', so to speak!

You cannot believe how excited I was to spy the Guess shop. If there is such a thing of Life After Death, I would like to come back as a Guess model!!! Love their stuff; too big to fit into it, but still managed to buy a bag and a necklace! I had a lovely assistant look after me, a bit like Nancy Dell' olios' younger, prettier sister! She was brilliant!

In fact, I love this place so much, I came back again with Mr B and he did photos. Me with my new haircut and colour. Ooo, short!
Z xx


  1. Your hair is looking lovely. :] xxx

  2. Hello, my dear Z! Your hair looks fantastic. x

  3. love LOVE the cut n colour- short is chic!
    Thanks for your comment...far far too loveable Bruce I'm afraid, instantly forgiven!