Sunday, 12 December 2010

Deep and Crisp and Even

Frosted trees

View down the road to the Park

The big, 'green' tree, at the back of our garden, that I've posted pictures of before.

View out of my kitchen door.

I don't believe that have ever seen trees frosted like they were on Tuesday morning. I'm sure if I had I would remember them, it is so pretty and delicate. Real picture postcard stuff.

I went to Brum about 10 days ago to see my massage therapist, Dr Death, as one of his clients calls him. I have really deep muscle massage, which over time has help make my back and hip much more livable with. Sometimes it is really painful, hence the name!, but OMG does it work!
I had a brilliant few hours there and travelled there and back on my own, which I was really proud of. Then, the last 10 days have been a bit of a wash-out and I haven't got out of the house. Friday, Mr B wasn't in until late in the day -for a change- and helped coerce me out of the house for a coffee. Which I did...on the train up to Brum!
(picture from here)
We realised there were only a handful of performances of Cinderella left in this season, so he got me a ticket and I, a bit shakily, got to see Momoko dance the title role. She was truly wonderful. The First Act was a bit slow, but the Second is really good, and the final section in the Third Act, when the stage is clear of scenery, but has wonderful lighting effects, was truly 'fairytale princess'. I know it's going out on tour to Salford and Plymouth in January, but it also going to be on telly on Christmas Day, so if you fancy a bit of escapism, I can thoroughly recommend it!
Here's hoping I get my mojo back soon. So much to do, so little time, as they say!
Have a great week!

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  1. Oh that sounds wonderful. I need to sit down with the Radio Times and set all the fun Christmas stuff to record. Don't want to miss any of it.

    We had some pretty spectactular frost here but I wasn't organised to take any photos of it. Woe!