Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bliss & Another Garden Curiosity (for Lindsey)


Well, hello there!
It's been bliss today. I've just spent a couple of hours in the garden having a big clean up.
I loved it!

No more brown, dead stuff on view through the kitchen window anymore.

And some tiny little green shoots poking through to prove there is Life out there.
Roll on Spring!

Speaking of which, I actually got around to changing the last remaining clocks -most of them!- to the right time. Lummy, might as well've waited another couple of months and not bothered!
Mr B is off on tour. Manchester, well, The Lowry at Salford, if you're being pernickety, and then down to Plymouth. Woohoo! Going early this year...don't know what to pack for the weather. A bit to cover all eventualities, including snow!, I think. Cats, how lucky are they? They just have the one, beautiful fur coat!

You talkin' 'bout me?

Have fun!

Z xx


  1. Aww i did the same as you today i got out in my garden and cleared away all the dead plants and muck and leaves that the snow had left behind, with the sun shinning it was a lovely afternoon and it makes you feel so much better, my snow drops and daffs and tulips were just visable when i went in ;-)) Have a lovely week, Dee x

  2. Things are surprisingly green in the gardens at work. I wasn't expecting it in January. Perhaps the cold snap did some good?

    What's Mr B up to then?

  3. Mr B is back at his Salford digs, being transported via Blogworld to the garden.
    HE said; Media City is mighty pretty when you see it across the Manchester Ship Canal, but it aint got what we've got! Lots of Love from the Emerald City, there's no place like home x

  4. Message from Mr B in Salford.
    If we build it, they will come. We can even extend the tram line to drop them off at the door! First the Impirial War Museum North, & now, the new home of Casualty; Media City UK.
    The Lowry Centre, the Designer Outlet,a gym, but as my taxi driver told me, no visitor's centre for the dock area that this used to be. The Loch Ness Monster has a visitor's centre, Maybe people would'nt be as interestd in tales of sailors smugling women into the docks in the boot of a taxi and the driver being thanked for his trouble with a tin of pilchards,a banana or watever the else the ship may have been carrying. Bearing in mind this was the 50's & these things were still quite rare. Where there is now Tesco, there was a seamans mission. Opposite stands a lone white arch, this was the gateway in & out of the docks, a listed monument that became obsolete when ships were built too wide for the Manchester canal. Sixty pubs in the vicinity closed as with everything else that fed off of the dock industry. On a tram journey into Manchester from Harbour City, I was luckky enough to have sat behind two old dock workers who had got on at Eccles. It was fascinating listening to them point out landmarks like the old Customs building. There are two cranes at the Queyes, testiment to the old industry. Theyr're not even allowed to paint them, said my taxi driver.I told him to write down the storys from all of the old cab drivers that he had listened to. Apply for a grant. When it's gone, it's gone. even the Loch Ness Monster will tell you that!

  5. I'm very jealous!! Nothing but white to see out my windows. Oh well. I'm used to icky winters, so no big surprise. Sorry I've been away for a while. Been hunkering down and doing as little as possible (sad, I know). Hope you are doing well!