Thursday, 3 February 2011

Give Us A Giggle!

Carrying on from this post, here is an almost follow on video. Apparently, the dog is called Tomahawk and, although boxers are my favouritest canine, Tomahawk is a bit of a beaut!

The cats try to do their very own version...they go out in the garden, have a 'dig', then come back in on the bed and leave little bits of ick everywhere! Nice!

I will get back into my and your blogs soon. This is the first day in a while that I've had a chance to just 'slump'. Trying to get the flat back to reality after Christmas, and then having a very cold week away in Plymouth and back to an appointment with Dr Death and my GP. It doesn't sound much to cope with but two appts in one week is as much as I can manage! The mind is willing but the body cannot keep up! Still, it is beautifully sunny today and that is just lovely.

A BIG thank you to Teresa (TCakes) for my wonderful parcel. Ooo, I was so excited!!

Nearly the weekend...have fun!

Z xx


  1. Welcome back! Enjoy your slump day - I'm trying to battle feelings of extreme slump as there's just so much to be done. Bah.

  2. Hi Zoe, hope you had a good day and managed to relax. Thank you so much for posting our vintage fair flyer on your blog. Hopefully see you in March.
    Ann x