Sunday, 4 September 2011


I think this photo taken of a hoarding near Homesense sums up how I am feeling at the moment.

Just down...don't know why. I definitely know I don't like that it is almost dark by 8:30pm! Maybe it is time to dust off the Lumie lamp!

Mr B may well be guest posting again!

I am wishing I was a 'lurker' again; I wouldn't feel 'guilty' at not getting around to commenting on all your lovely posts. So much exciting news from you (Christy), new job (Dee Dee). I just can't keep up with it all at this time. Sorry.

Z xx


  1. Don't worry about leaving comments, just 'lurk' for a while. I have been so busy lately I have become a bit of a 'lurker' too. Hopefully see you both at the fair.
    Ann x

  2. Listen please don't worry about leaving comments. When i first started in blog land i ran myself into the ground trying to keep up with everyone. But at the end of the day we all lead normal busy lifes to and that what must always come first. I am so sorry you feel blue but i agree these dark nights do not help at all, they make you want to draw the curtains and snuggle up under the blanket on the sofa. And if you feel like doing that then do it ;-)) Big hugs to you, dee xx

  3. Dont worry... i havent even posted anything yet amazingly i have five watchers... my famous five!
    I still have your chickens for you and i shall be at St Matthews so see you there, who knows i may even blog about it if i figure it all out.. i am a lurker and didnt even know !! x

  4. That's one cute photo!
    Please don't worry about leaving comments. It's hard to find words andd enthusiam sometimes, blogging should be a joy. Now I've found you I'm not going anywhere so feel free to take time out. x