Sunday, 18 September 2011


She's got the motorbike beat...

Helga von Trollop
posted a photo shoot with a Norton. The pictures brought to mind another fashion icon, Fay Fife, from The Revillos. It was Fay on the back of Eugene Reynolds bike that Helga reminded me of. The Rezillos (as they were), came from Edinburgh and wore wraparound sunglasses.

When a few of us went to the Earls Court Bike Show, years ago, Paul, who was on crutches at the time, bought a pair of green plastic wraparounds, they went perfectly with his white linen suit. These were the days of "The Wedge", which was a haircut (usually dyed burgundy).

I had read that The Rezillos used to travel around Edinburgh in a fleet of Bubble cars. Mrs B met up with sarahcarolmakes, (Mrs Jolly's Bubblecar), at yesterdays Vintage Fair. "This must be Guest Post Blogger" said Carol; yes, "It's That Man Again" (ITMA), for all you Vintage fans out there!

Mrs B bought a fabulous reindeer tea cosy from Carol and she doesn't even drink tea!

It was probably the same Revillos interview that followed the band when they went to Blackpool. This time in one of those classic Citroen's with air suspension. One of the Revettes overdid it on the roller coaster. Too much Scuba Scuba at The Pleasure Beach.

Best wishes to Danielle, A blog from Blackpool and Claire (Cameron Poe), I have too many shoes. (A picture of Fay Fife's pink propeller boots to follow, when we have relocated the power lead to the scanner!)

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