Friday, 2 November 2012

The Hunt for (Red October), not quite

Actually it's the hunt for a green pixie.
No, not one of these....

picture from here
...this! My beloved green Pixie Nespresso machine!

It got packed away by mistake! Oooo Noooo!

I know it IS in one of these boxes!

Maybe I'll just have to make do with a swift half at my local with the pixies, fairies and goblins!
(Though sadly this mural has since been painted over)

I am hoping to go here tomorrow. An excellent day out to be sure!
Z xx


  1. Cheers! hope you find it amongst the boxes! Dee and I spoke about you yesterday, you'd have loved it and we'd have loved to have you join us.
    Have fun at the fair, be brave! xxx

  2. Ahh how gorgeous do you look in that photo your hair looks so pretty. Hope you manage to find you coffee machine and enjoy the fair looks like it will be good. Missed you on thursday. Have a lovely weekend, dee xxx