Monday, 26 November 2012


One of my favourite posts ever written is this one by Lakota, about burlap.
So, of course, whenever I see the stuff, I think of her. Don't know her, never met her, don't always read her blog regularly, but that one post has been indelibly engraved upon my person!
This collection of 'burlappiness' was on display at Homesense, this afternoon, and I didn't buy any of it!

Burlap 'curtains' at Malmaison, Manchester.
(Posh burlap)!


  1. Its funny how things stay with us. I hope your well lovely and everything is getting settled back into your home. dee xx

  2. like Delia I say it IS funny how the weirdest things stay with us, yet we forget so much we oughta remember!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post this morning

  3. Hello! I remember reading and laughing over that post of Lakota's as well. You must of mustered up such willpower to not purchase those burlap bins.
    Thank you for your compliment of my dress/boots/legs on Vix's blog :)