Friday, 13 December 2013

Make The World Better With A Sweater

It was 'wear your Christmas sweater to work' day today apparently. 

So, having 'youtubed' one of Ditsy Sprinkles fave Chrimbo songs that I didn't know, (The Chipmunks one, if you're wondering), I found a whole heap of 'go-go' songs including this wonderful version of 'Boots'.
Well, if they're not wearing a rather snappy collection of Christmassy jumpers, (and very little else!),
well, I'll eat my....sweater!
a waxwork version...can you believe it?
(I do think they mean a festive number a la Bridget Jones; but look at all that shimmering going on. Let alone the shimmying!)

Personally, I'd prefer an invite to Penny's Best Christmas Jumper party in Miranda! The greatest TV that Patricia Hodge has ever done IMHO!!
Such fun!
Z xx

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