Monday, 17 February 2014

Blue 4 U

  Of course, I am never going to wear it, but I made the mistake of saying to Mr B "ooo, a hat in that colour" and lo and behold, it appeared on the table next to me!

Sorry Mitzi, I love every aspect about you, but unless I re-model it, it is firmly staying as an
 'object d'art'!

To balance the blue a little burst of Daring Dahlia by Barielle.  A bargainous £7 box set of 5 colours from TK Maxx. It seems to have been swapped and changed by 'customers' as the box is called REDdy to Party, and having done a bit of research, the colours I've got are a bit different than those it should be; but the colours work in my favour, so hurrah!
Not a red to be seen!


  1. I've got a couple of her hats and they're pretty wild, yours is just incredible, that colour! x

  2. That is an amazing colour. You wouldn't be cold!

    I'm glad the colours work in your favour. I love the two pinks. As soon as I finish working I'm permanently wearing nail varnish.

  3. Hi there, this is Debbie Stocker (Vintage Wants Not Needs) daughter. I just saw you commented on one of her posts. I have responded to explain whats going on so you can keep up to date :) Its all exciting. x

  4. I love that hat ... what a fab colour!