Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Vintage On My Doorstep

A new experience for me; Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, held in my hometown in the most amazing building, The Guildhall.
 This must be the most exuberant setting that I can think of. Isn't it stunning?
Lights and tiles

A tearoom too!
coffee and walnut cake
carrot cake

Mr B chose blueberry and vanilla
 Phew! So much to look at and then cake too! Totes knackered.
Am now the owner of a black velvet 'drape' coat and furry aqua blue beret!
Below is a list of the various stopping off points of this happy band. Even if you only have to two quid entrance fee, pay it, and enjoy the most amazing collection of vintage clothing and accessories you could imagine! Think of it as an amazing travelling clothing museum and if you spot something you really fall in love with, you have the opportunity to buy it and take it home with you!

 Have a great weekend. I'm off to catch some zzzz's.


  1. Oh no! I was bored yesterday and wanted something to do. Why didn't I know this was on?

    The Guildhall is a lovely building. Northampton does have some beauty's.

    1. I only knew by accident...a little ad showed up on the side of my fb page.
      Yes, there's some fab architecture in the town; shame the Councils do their damnedest to destroy it!
      Z xx

  2. Can;'t wait to see the coat! I am a little bit obsessed with coats, lately.