Saturday, 12 April 2014

Summer (Colour) Lovin'

This is the best I can do to say thank you to you fellow bloggy friends who wished me well with my impending tooth nightmare!
Can't quite do the bunch of flowers, so a selection of pretty flower bulbs that need to be planted up!

Working on from the last post of having buying things you might need - Mr B came home with this present for me (us?...but you know who'll be using it!) from 'techy support', Patch.
(See him here, with the 1948 Olympic Torch)
A giant 'pencil sharpener' to peel and curl your root veggies.
Now, I really like raw carrot, never eat enough of it and always tend to grate it.
(Unless they're ones I've grown then I just eat them straight out of the ground!).
So I rather like the idea of making those nice little curls that you find in arty foody pictures; a little bit more substance than grated bits.  

A rather scary-looking me planting bulbs on Christmas Day 2013. As always, a bit late planting, but I'd picked these packets up really cheap in Homebase; bluebells, white anemone and red tulips.

And this is how lovely the tulips are looking today!
(And I am wearing the same footwear today. Spooky!)


  1. You really do have a lovely garden, I'm quite envious.

  2. Love the vegetable sharpener - I do love a gimmick!


  3. I love tulips. None in my garden but I have a lovely bunch in a vase.

    I need a carrot sharpener in my life. Pronto.