Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wicker Wednesday 4


  1. i got all excited then that you had a wicker rabbit in your garden - is it a rabbit or a hare?
    in answer to some of your comments (thank you for them all, they made me smile!) yes, the stockings were appreciated; i have a bit of an unofficial list of IC shoes which i want, and then look out for them on ebay, usually spelt a bit wrong, or go for those dodgy phone photos that noone seems interested in if i know they are a style i want, usually with the old ones i have somehting in the same shape, so i know which size i will need, and it's jsut a waiting game..
    and work, i run an architectural technicians office. it's still a bit iffy at the moment, but we are quite busy so i hope we can just manage to keep ticking over until things start to pick up, and some of the larger projects whcih have been on hold for what seems like eons actually begin..xx

  2. Hello Z! Love that mad hare, he's enough to cheer anyone up. x

  3. Thank you so much for the gloves, they came just as I got back from London. That photo really made me laugh, oh those gold pants were so gross ha ha!
    Feeling full of the fashion flu now Im back, but had such a good time x

  4. Wow that rabbit is amazing. :] xx
    I do make phone cases yeah i used to sell them but because they are quite expensive to make i never made much money and it took up a lot of my time!
    I didnt get the email :[ Please re send or link me to it it sounds amazing, thank you for the compliments about my nails! If you ever want yours doinglet me know :] xxxxxx

  5. Ooh I like the wicker hare!

    Tell you what I like even more - THE BAGS! Oh my gosh, you made a poorly Alex very happy yesterday. Best post I've had in ages! I'll be blogging them very soon.