Friday, 27 November 2009

Bicycle Basket Bazaar

Saturday promises to be good. Having my swine flu jab in the morning(!)(good?)(am I mad?), then a local church has its Christmas Fair and in the afternoon there's this

Ann and Debbie, who organised the brilliant Fair the other week, have a bicycle basket there. It is on the last Saturday of the month-with a couple of extras in December-and we went to our first one last month, which had a Halloween theme. Now I know what to expect I am ready to purchase a few bits of home produce! Even tho' I was with Mr Blossom I had a bit of a panic attack, but stayed, so tomorrow I have to do it on my own...argh! But it is very jolly and friendly so I'm sure I'll be fine. And hopefully will get to meet Debbie. I met her charming daughter on the stall at the Fair, but missed Debbie (doesn't help when I don't know what she looks like!).

There is a great cafe there too, run by Tamsin and she is doing a 'Super-8 Supper Club' on the 4th December, with movies, live music and a scrummy sounding meal with wine. I haven't bought my ticket yet but hope to get there.

I hope it is OK to download these photos as am not sure how the copyright thing works? But I do it with the best of intentions!



  1. HI,
    it was great to see you again yesterday. It was very cold but the atmosphere was good and we were pretty busy. Hopefully you managed to get some nice goodies. Hopefully see you again soon.
    Ann x

  2. Glad you managed to make it yesterday it was lovely to see you and put a face to a name. Hope you enjoyed it and that you will be back again soon. Ann and I are actually not back there agian this year but will definately have a bike again, probably in the Spring when it warms up a bit. Not that we are fair weather sellers or anything...

  3. I really wanted to get there yesterday, but due to car probs, couldn't : ( Is there another before xmas, or in the New Year?
    Have a great week!

    Sharon xx

  4. Hi Sharon. There are 2 more BBBs before Christmas-one this Saturday (5th) and then one on the 19th. Maybe see you you Saturday? There's also a 'Christmas Arts Market' this Sunday...not sure what's on sale but the Nook will be open! As you can see from above comments Annie and Debbie won't be there (shame, we'll miss them!). Hope the car's been fixed;we don't drive, but if you're used to having transport you must really miss it when it's not working. Have a good weekend all of you and a successful Fair at Bentley Priory girls.

    Zoe xx