Friday, 6 November 2009

Italian Market

Well, they say good things come in threes. Thank you for your welcoming comments, my 3 followers. I have added a photo of me, mainly so Northampton followers know what to look out for at the Vintage Fair tomorrow. Sorry I can't get to meet you as well Mel (Shabby Chick),but if I come to Salisbury I'll let you know. Not totally unlikely as we used to live in Southsea and did day trips there, so you never know!

We had an antiques fair in the Market Square yesterday and today was the first of 2 days of the Italian Market. Yum!
The pictures were supposed to go under the writing. Oops!
Cheers, m'dears for your kind wishes,


  1. Hello there. It was lovely to meet you yesterday - thankyou so much for visiting my stall and buying some earrings. It was good to chat (and wasn't that cake good?). Watch out for the next tutorial soon. All best wishes, Emma

  2. Yum, that food looks good! I hope the V&H fair went really well :)

    Mel xxx