Friday, 27 November 2009

Thank you

I don't know about this blogging process being a steep learning curve, it seems more like a whole lot of humpback bridges!

I've decided to put all the 'bits' I want to use in one folder on my desktop before I start as I think I really need to work out a system to catalogue my photos so it is easier to locate individual shots. That's what took so long the other night.

Wednesday was a great day. I walked through the park to the Drs surgery. The weather was beautiful, but windy. I adore my cats but it is fab to sneak a few snuffles and tailwags from the dogs being walked. What a treat! Then onto Sixfields and a snoop around Homebase, getting treats for the birds. Across the road to Hobbycraft, and a whole load of delights. (Some of which will be in a future blog).

This is a picture of what we call the Lucky Tower. It was the Express Lifts Tower where they installed lifts to make sure they worked before installing them in their proper place. We just call it that as it was there on the horizon as we moved all our stuff up here and it just means 'home' to us. Plus we can see it from the garden, which is great at Christmas as there is usually lights on the top, in the shape of a tree. It has been threatened with demolition but I think it safe now, which to me is great as it is something unique to here.

I may not be getting on with my blogging as fast as I would like, but going out like this is so good. On Tuesday I went to Homesense and the big BHS and had a coffee there. So what?, I hear you say. Well, there was no reason, I just went out. Now, considering not too long ago I sometimes couldn't even put the bins out, you see how momentous going out for no reason is. My meds were increased during the summer and I really seem to be on the mend. I can't juggle all the balls yet but each one as an individual is getting stronger. I am beginning to feel like me again and it is amazing.
AND A LOT OF IT IS DOWN TO THE UNKNOWN SUPPORT OF ALL YOU BLOGGERS . You have given me inspiration-what you create, how you cope, your lovely homes. I feel I have quite a long way to go but, hey, a challenge is good.

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  1. I too always n=know i am home when I see teh Express lift tower on the horizon especailly coming up the M1. Glad you are feeling a little better, small steps.