Monday, 6 September 2010


Alex did a post, here, which included that her favourite flower was the freesia. Which, of course, made me think of this sketch, from a programme called "Green Wing", made by the same people who did "Smack the Pony". (See here).

I've also mentioned freesias in my 'A Fond Farewell' post.

And talking of Friesians - look who we found!

The Moosterious Lion

We'd gone into town for the Bicycle Basket Bazaar last Saturday, and I was having a mega panic attack. Arthur suggested that we go for a coffee in Park Inn, which we did, and there he was, minding his own business in the hotel lobby. He'd only arrived the day before, and a couple came in to take their picture with him. They were real fans and apparently the internet site, had been giving clues as he moved to various locations.

I think he is really cute. There was a picture of him and Earl Spencer, (the late Princess of Wales' brother), in the grounds of their ancestral home, Althorp, in the local paper on Saturday. He gets around, that lion.

Better go and check my back garden, sharpish!

Have a roaringly good week,



  1. Ahahaha, I've never seen that clip before and it didn't half make me giggle.

  2. many thanks for enetering my giveaway- good luck in the draw tomorrow

  3. hahaha! I LOVED green wing and am laughing out loud remembering that clip before i've even watched it, that's it i'm going to have to dig out the dvd! to answer your question on my blog about my camera, i use a cannon 400D, which i've had for about 4 years so it's not the newest model, and i often make use of a separate macro lens. do you remember the bits in green wing where Sue Wight dances around her office to her ring tones? .. ttfn x