Saturday, 4 September 2010

When Times Is 'ard!

When times are hard we expect our cats to chip in with the household expenses.
So, luckily enough, they do the biz and go out on tour.

Here is Tabby Templemeads looking grim while waiting for the train to pull out of Bristol (Temple Meads) station.

She can be very good at glowering. Rave reviews, encores, the lot.

Meanwhile, Rene can't wait to pack her 'Business Woman of the Year' briefcase.


  1. Awww, bless them. Is Tabby actually in a train??

    I think Oscar would like to be a newsreader. He's very fond of sprawling all over newspapers anyway.

  2. ha so cute!!!
    Hope you are well x x
    Annie x

  3. Ah,yes, that is Tabs in a train carriage! First Class, of course. They do trains, taxis, coaches/buses and narrowboats. We haven't tried a plane yet...mind you, they haven't got their passports!
    I think Rene fancies herself as a Kisty Wark-type; she loves newspapers and magazines too! (American Vogue, of course, dahlings!!)