Thursday, 30 September 2010

What the ....

This is what greeted me when I opened the back door this morning!

I thought my fence was on fire!

Er, no, silly! The sun was making the damp wood steam. I think that was pretty weird. I've been here, ooo, 12 years or thereabouts and have never seen that happen before. Mr B was tempted to remark that I was never up early enough, but I interjected and he thought better of it.

But, oh joy, what better weather today. Glorious sun, 2 lots of washing drying outside. Fabby.

A big welcome to 2 new followers, via Sprinkle of Glitter, I think. (More on Lou later. Woohoo, I met Lou!). Susy and linzibob. Hello girls! How very lovely that you have joined my happy gang!!

Z xx


  1. That is really quite cool- I don't think I've ever seen steaming wood before! (And now that sounds incredibly filthy.)

  2. The cheek of Mr B! As a confirmed night owl I'm entirely on your side.

    ps - helix is the bit at the top of your ear, tragus is the little triangular shaped bit that sort of joins onto your cheek...hard to describe without sounding weird!

  3. Hi :) A personal hello, I feel so special!

    Lovely blog- I look forward to more garden curiosities!

  4. Hi Zoe

    I know what you mean when the sun comes out it makes you feel so much better, all this rain and dampness is not good for the old bones.

    Sorry you won't be joining us at the fair but have a great time when you are away.

    When you feel up to it go and have a look at the booth but give me a few days and I will blog about how it is going and you can see some photos which will give you a little view without you having to leave the house.

    Keep well