Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shoez - but not as you know them

Just had a phone call from Mr B on his way to their hotel. A safe I can relax!

I went onto my blog and looked at Belinda's blog and then meandered onto this, (as you do!), Jardelle's "90 Most Strange Shoes". Oh boy, I have very nearly cried with laughter and swooned at the beauty of some of these 'shoes'. So, without further ado...

This is SO not right. (And the filthy mare didn't even poop and scoop!)

But this is too cute for words.

A sad Interlude in memory of those poor, poor horses at Newbury yesterday. That very nearly made me cry at the sheer horror of it. Yes, if it had been people it would have been terrible too' but it wouldn't have made me teary-eyed. But horses, really beautiful racehorses, that upset me. I know racing has its' fatalities, and that is why I'm not fond of jump races, but, Christ, these 2 poor buggers didn't even get onto the racecourse. End of Interlude.

I know my toes sometimes need a sort out, but hey, are you mad?

And to finish...what could be better on a cold winter morning than slipping your feet into cosy slippers? Rat slippers!

Z xx


  1. Oh those shoes have made me a bit queasy, especially the rat ones! I'd probably wear the horse ones though...

    The news from Newbury was just horribly sad wasn't it?

  2. O MY GOD......I am lost for words those feet are far to freeky and sick for words and those rat ones want to make me run a mile..the first shoes are they serious and the horses upset me to i know excatly how you felt, dee x

  3. EEEEEKKKKKK!!! These shoes are the most horrific things I've ever seen! Ugh I hate rats. I almost like the tree ones tho hehe :)