Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th of July!

My fondest wishes to my American followers across the pond. Here's hoping you all had a glorious day!

And, if ever there was a day to splurge on all things 'cowboy', well, today is the day. And I have!

These were my 'stars' for today on BT Yahoo homepage...
04 July 2011
  1. GeminiGemini (5/21-6/21)

    Go ahead and treat yourself to an expensive luxury; you deserve it. Lately, you've been so focused on work that you have forgotten just why you've been toiling away. Now you have a marvellous opportunity to take some time off and indulge in some creature comforts. Buy yourself some beautiful lingerie, fragrant flowers, or fashionable clothes. Splurge on a luxurious status symbol or a piece of jewellery.

So, what did I buy???

An absolute corker of a quilt! I have admired from afar Hens' quilts, then, lo and behold, this appeared on her blog, Hen House, about 4 days ago. Somehow I missed it until yesterday! And now it is on its' way to a new home...MINE!

Hen very kindly said it was OK to use her blog photos, (thank you, Hen). So here is a montage of "Saddle Up" in glorious detail. Wow!

It should arrive tomorrow by 1 pm, so fingers crossed, then Mr Blossom gets a peek before he flies off to Dublin for a week. I guess this quilt can be my 'blanky' while he is away!

Z xx


  1. I love to think of you snuggling up with the quilt in lieu of your man! Hopefully it's in the postie's van right now...
    Hen x

  2. Oh Zoe what a corker of a quilt, really love it. My sister is a cowboy lover must show her this.
    Are you coming to Olney on Saturday if you are will see you there.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! Lucky lady. It was quite literally written in the stars!... xxx

  4. What a beauty!! Thanks for sharing :0) And good luck with the bunting for Sian :0) Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I'm so behind in posting comments on the blogs I love. Sorry about that. I'm going to blame the looming birth of my tiny one. :) We had a wonderful 4th of July here in the middle of the old USA. Nothing Earth shattering, just lots of fun. I LOVE that quilt you found. Looks fabulous, and perfect for snuggling. Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  6. Oh that is BEAUTIFUL! Hope it's arrived by now (I am shockingly behind with blog comments, I know!) and that you're enjoying snuggling up to it :)

  7. wow i absolutely love that quilt and admired it on Hen's blog, now it is in my home town..
    enjoy it its absolutely lovely..
    yee haaa
    Carol x