Monday, 25 July 2011

A Sal Snippets Special

At long last I got my act together and photographed my birthday present to me!

One of Sal's 'altered clipboards'. It has taken me 2 years to order one! Sal had one for sale in her shop and I used the picture as a screen saver for ages, it was so pretty. Now I have my own beauty to drool over!

The clipboard is decoupaged with all manner of pretty papers. The four 'squares' at the bottom are all padded, with glass-headed pins. Sal also offered to put my name on too! (Just so I don't forget who I am!).

Under the clip is a selection of fabric pieces. Do you realise, I never knew what Rosali was until I got into blogging. To think, I'd missed out on all that loveliness for years!

The back has a pocket on, that was filled with even more prettiness - envelopes, writing paper and a little booklet that Sal had made, with a 'My Vintage Ideas' Cash's name tape on. Oh yes, and my name! (Well, the grey cells aren't what they used to be!).

As an extra, added, surprise bonus, Sal also sent me some larger pieces of pretty fabrics too! It is quite weird; the one at the back, with the roses on...I have a cushion from Homesense made in the same fabric! And now I know what it is, as there is the name on the selvaged!

I haven't put a link to the clipboard in the shop as Sal has changed her wares, so to speak, but here is a link to her new, vintage fabric shop and one to her blog. I'm sure most of you already know, and love, her snippets, but, just in case!

Thank you ever so much Sal, you did me proud!


  1. oooh how lovely, i am happy to send you a couple of my little lavender chickens in CK to match if you would like
    Carol x

  2. i have never seen a pimped out clipboard before! i love love the idea of elevating functional items to be artful and this is a lovely example.

    thanks for visiting and making me laugh today.


  3. What gorgeous gifts and all those fabrics are just yummy ;-)) dee x

  4. I want one too, its soo pretty and would make a day in the office much nicer!xx