Thursday, 14 July 2011

I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper

Well, no, I didn't but it provides a link!

This is a video from yonks ago , choreographed by the great Arlene Philips, known to most of you now as that lady wot woz sacked from Strictly Come Dancing on the Beeb on a Saturday night.

But way back when this was how she became a 'name', when Hot Gossip became a regular spot on 'The Kenny Everett Video Show'.
It feature a very young Sara Brightman, who, now, I think is mainly remembered for saying she married our finest Lord Lloyd-Webber, (Andrew), because he had the biggest willy in the playground, (which begs the question "HOW did she find out?"), on The Graham Norton Show!

BUT, actually, I lost my heart to this...

...a real vintage picnic basket!

With quite a few of the original innards! Though there appears to be a 'bogus' side plate that doesn't quite match, but is old all the same, and I rather like its' pattern.

There was even tea bags in one of the plastic tubs! (Don't think I'll risk making a drink for Mr B with one of those tho'!)

I found it in one of the vintage stores in Manchester during the bloggers meet-up. When the other bloggers were oohing and aahing over vintage clobber I spied there was an area of outstanding beauties! Homewear! Result!
I also bought a very sweet little jug in gold ceramic. I love that gold china but have never had the chance to succumb before! No photo as yet, but I am really behind with doing them!
I don't foresee any picnic outings but I'm sure it'll get used in the garden!
Z xx


  1. Ahh I was so jealous of that picnic box Zoe! I hope you get lots of use out of it. I have 2 picnic boxes, which are both Brexton, but have used them ummmm...once. Hopefully once we live near the park we will go on more impromptu picnics!

  2. It looks ever better all set out - even with the rogue plate!! x

  3. Oh it's gorgeous! I was v. jealous of it too - I didn't even notice that there was a homeware section in that shop at first.