Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Vix Fix

Well, I guess you all know Vix is back from her hols!

I wanted to do this post as a 'fix' to keep us going...and to also thank her, (um, show off?), the lovely goodies she gave me for Chrimbo!

So, we're now into February and I still haven't photographed my pressies and Vix is home!! Bit late then, I hear you say!

Doesn't Brum look cold and damp in these photos? But a bit warmer than the weather she has returned to! Hey Vix! Couldn't you've brought some of that Kerala sunshine back with you in your suitcase?

I look at this photo and think " Yeah! My hair really needed to be done", didn't it?

My jacket is as old as the hills, from when we used to go down to Newquay for the Surfing World Championships, at a time when GB had a No1 surfer, Martin Potter. With all this Olympics hoo-ha, did this country ever pick up on our World Class sportsman? Er, no.

Sorry, off on a bit of a tangent there!

Welcome home, Vix and thank you for my lovely presents!
Z xx


  1. aahhh lovely photo's ;-)) You look lovely and so does Vix. But you still didn't say what she bought you? ;-)) I would love to know not being nosy or anything ;-)) dee xx

  2. Hello, your photo's are lovely.
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. Not sure if I'll get all the challenages done actually I didn't manage the photo hunt but once I can get out walking with darcy hopfully I'll get to grips with my camera again.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. It was my pleasure! Doesn't the weather look glum? It was a bit nippy but rather lovely, brightened by your gorgeous smile (and the Gluwein)! x

  4. I'm with Delia .... Are you gonna share what your gifts where ;-). How cute is your header photo too ..... Missed you at the vintage jumble and hope to see you next time x

  5. lovely welcome home!
    I like her cape!