Monday, 25 June 2012

An Awfully Big Adventure

I am going on tour with Mr B.

Not to Plymouth. Oh no!

Any ideas?

I'm going to Granada, Spain! Eeek!

The Company is going to perform at an Arts Festival there. The picture below is the Stage, set in the beautiful surroundings of the Generalife Gardens.

I hunted out these photos I took in 1986, (I think), which was the only foreign tour I ever did. Never thought I'd get the chance to go again.

We are staying in the same hotel too!

SO, and it is a very big SO...all I have to do is actually get there! I haven't been abroad for about 20 years! I like flying, so that isn't a problem. I know where I'm going really well, so that isn't a problem either. It's just getting out of the house to get to Birmingham!!
I have a prescription of Diazepam ready to tuck safely in my bag. I've more or less decided what I'm taking to wear.

SO, fingers crossed this time next week I will be in sunny Spain!
Z xx


  1. that's fab, good luck and have a amazing time.

  2. Lucky you ! Mr C and I had a wonderful holiday in Granada many years ago, it really is beautiful. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics.
    Ann x

  3. You lucky thing! How gorgeous! Have the time of your life (as if you need telling!) xxx

  4. aahhh Zoe im so excited and pleased for you ;-)) You will be fine deep breaths and all that. Just keep thinking sunshine warm sunshine ;-)) Best wishes and hugs, dee xxx