Monday, 4 June 2012

Design Technology

Mr B Guest Post

Powerpoint's teacher wants him to take English Literature as an A level, but, he's not interested. He said 'It's not in my career path'.
He detested having to read 'Touching The Void'.
"I read the review that he had written on it, it was like something out of The Sunday Times literary column", said his dad.
"This is really good".
"Oh, I just wrote any old tosh, I wrote what they wanted to see", said Powerpoint.
Talking about school, he couldn't believe that dear old dad had taken woodwork and metalwork as two separate subjects.
"Nowadays it's just called DT", (Design Technology), said Powerpoint.

Speaking of which, Patch showed me his new car. I was intrigued about the dashboard display for reading texts since he told me about it in Truro.
The screen has SatNav and a display that gauges how many miles you are able to go before you run out of petrol.As I sat in the passenger seat, I was almost directly in eye-line with the display. "Does it come with a cushion?", I joked.
"The seat height adjusts automatically" said Patch.

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