Friday, 27 July 2012

Going Like The Clappers!

So, not long until the Official Opening of the Olympic Games 2012.

For the most part I'm not that fussed about it...costs so much, security scaremongering, etc etc. But this morning I was fully swept up by The Big Bong. Now, I thought it was just a joke on the wonderful BBC programme Twenty Twelve. But, no, it was for real! At 12 minutes past 8 this morning we were asked to ring a bell, any bell, for 3 minutes. So I, of course, used one of my trusty cowbells! I may not be interested in the Olympics but I am a total sucker for the Winter Olympics - ice hockey, skiing, ice skating and the like. Love it!

Meanwhile, Mr B and his trusty camcorder wandered down to our village church and was invited to ring one of the church bells!

In fact, as I type this, this evening, I am a 'bell ringing widow' as Friday night is bell ringing night and I think he's hooked!


  1. Hi Zoe,

    thank you so much for my lovely gift it was such a lovely suprise its been quite a stressful few weeks and i was out when it arrived we went to the sorting office to pick it up and i kept saying i haven't ordered anything ;-)) I love the jug and the fabric of the dress. Thank you so much for thinking of me thats really sweet of you. I haven't been in blogland for a couple of weeks but i do need to get back into it i even have my mum asking me when my next blog post will be. I hope you are well lovely and life is being good to you. Big hugs, dee xxx

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