Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Kid On The Foodie Block

I don't know how long 'wraps' have been around, but I've never fancied one until today.

They always struck me as an anaemic-looking roll of pap.

Until encountering the newly opened, (well, to me anyway!), Muffin Break.
OMG! as they say. A yummy, YUMMY roast beef wrap. Loads of fresh crispy salad and lovely, tasty and generous portion of roast beef. Did I say it was yummy?

We shared the wrap and had a 'Yo-Yo' each; a cute little ball-shaped custard cream-type biscuit, all crispy-crunchy. Enough to enjoy and savour, but not so much to make me feel guilty!

And a cute smiley face that peered back at me as I finished my cappuccino. What's not to love?
And yes, it was a great coffee too!
We will be back! (Tomorrow????)
Z xx


  1. Aww thats cup is so cute! I'd love to see a happy face at the end of a brew xx

  2. sounds like you had a lovely time ;-) I have to say that blue dress in your last past is stunning Wow imagin wearing that somewhere. Hope your well, hugs, dee xxx

  3. I'm the same with wraps - I'm not that enamoured with them UNTIL I eat them at a friend's house or out for a meal and then I remember how much I love 'em!!!