Sunday, 5 August 2012


We knew it was coming...

Towards the end of last year we were informed that the council was going 'to do up' our flat as part of 'Decent Homes' initiative-thingy.

That time has suddenly been thrust upon us. The kitchen designer is coming on Tuesday and the work begins the following Wednesday!

Meanwhile, we have a wedding reception to go to a week on Monday!

I know it is going to fabulous when it is all finished; plus we will decorate afterwards and probably put down more laminate floors, but, and it really is a big but, (does my butt look big in this??), basically we have to move everything out of our home leaving just the walls standing.

This collage picture below is just one shelf's worth of a bookcase!

The top picture is nearly all the books from one bookcase.

The other collage is some of what was left in the bar that I had started clearing here and here.

Remind me...never buy anything ever again!


  1. Wow sounds like your going to be very busy :] xx

  2. Hi,thanks for your gorgoues comment on my blog, truly appreciate it.
    you have a great post here, you sound like an inspirational person


  3. We have bookshelves that look a little like yours... they are the reason I told Dan we're never moving ever. the boys can sort it all out when we've passed on (a hundred years from now of course). Looks like you'll have your hands full, but it seems as if the end result will be wonderful. :)