Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's In The Air (Mr B Guest Post)

On the last afternoon of November, on my way to our storage container, I saw a swan fly majestically overhead. An hour later, on the train to work, horses in a field were back lit by the setting sun.
On the first day of Advent...Santa hats.
It started with the sighting of a girl in a Christmas pudding jumper and now it's official...the run-up to Christmas is back.
We have all this to look forward to!
Who knows what treats are in store?
I told Elishka about the swan;  said it was reminiscent of Clara from, "The Nutcracker", being flown to the Kingdom of the Sweets on the back of a goose.
It seemed a little sad to see a lone swan. "Maybe it was Christmas shopping" said Elishka, "Like the snowman in the John Lewis advert."
"Here's Santa now!" I exclaimed, as a figure appeared in Cinderellas' fireplace.
No, it's just Patch changing the butane canister for the flame effect.

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  1. Well they say swans stay together for life once they have found a partner so hopefully he was going on a date to find his ;-) Hope all is well with you lovely and the house is getting back to normal. hugs, dee xxx