Wednesday, 31 October 2012


 This week I have mainly been stripping! Wallpaper of course, you naughty things! What DID you think I meant. (The oldest jokes are still the best!)
Does anyone know what that gunky green painty stuff is?
Going great guns in the front room...but that next bit of wall is going to need a lot of TLC before it's fit to paper over.
I approached wallpapering with a great deal of trepidation, having never done it before. But, hey, after cutting the first 2 pieces too short, (oops!), it's like look at me I'm going round corners and used up the shorty pieces behind the fire place!
There's a couple of mistakes - little creases that show up in the electric lighting and it looks like I may have overlapped a bit but that was getting the pattern to match up, so I'm very pleased with myself. 
 I can only improve with practise, and boy, there's gonna be a lot of practising as basically every wall has had something drilled in to it somewhere!
As a nod to Halloween, I've uploaded this photo that Mr B took in Grainger Market in Newcastle the other week. 
A kitty pumpkin. Cute!
Happy Trick or Treating!
(And please don't egg my house like you did last year, Missy neighbour-from-hell)
Z xx


  1. Good for you - having a go at wallpapering!! I keep meaning to, but have never got round to trying!! But I am going any tips would be gratefully received!!

  2. Fancy coming to do mine? Haha
    Well done you for wallpapering by yourself! Wish I was brave enough to give it a go. I spend a fortune getting people in!!