Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grrrr Fur

I'm trying to work out if this a good idea or not!
I bought this shorty, hooded jacket years ago, at Jennifer Browning, in Harrogate. It cost me a pretty penny, in the days when I was earning and, to be fair, it's had a decent amount of wear.
Then the 'lightbulb' above my head lit up a couple of years ago.
I was too big to still wear it, but, if I removed the sleeves and sewed them into the side seams, maybe, just maybe, I could turn it into a gilet-y sort of thing.

Sew far, sew good! Might even make Lakota's 'Ta-dah! Tuesday'.
Now, that would be something!
Just to finish, a photo, (from here),of The Cramps and the wild Grrrr Fur Dixon, 2nd left.


  1. ooohhh look forward to seeing your tranformed jacket :-) Hope your well lovely, dee xxx

  2. Sounds like a great idea, it's a shame not to wear that fabulous leopard print coat! x