Thursday, 28 February 2013

How Much Is Too Much?

Vix goes away for a month and can pack all her goodies into a wash bag!
(Well, maybe a slight exaggeration there, folks!)
Me? I'm doing 2 weeks in the UK; one 'oop North' and one 'down Sarf'.
Having to cater for every eventuality. When we left Northampton there was a layer of snow and with the ominous 'Beast of the East' due to take hold again, thought it would be a heck of a lot colder. The last two days have been magnificent with glorious sunshine. My heavy duty parka much too hot to wear. I did wear it Monday and spent the whole time feeling like I was going to internally combust!

Yesterday I just schlumped around the hotel, using the massage chair down in the spa. Bliss!

Haven't needed the CK poncho yet, but if it does rain, well, I'm covered! Quite literally!
I'm sure most of this stuff will be unpacked and unworn, but hey, a girl needs choice, doesn't she?
And those cats? Well, they just have the one beautiful fur coat!!
Z xx

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  1. It's a lot harder to pack light when you're in the UK, the weather's so unpredictable! What an explosion of colour. xxx