Monday, 25 February 2013

Holiday Cat

A very chilled out Rene cat.

We're back out on tour in Manchester, staying at The Mal again.
For all her protestations and hiding in the garden in the dark, dank area behind the gazebo, she's seems to be more than happy in her room!!
Meantime, we hit the bar...

 A few chili roasted corn nibs.
Which I washed down with a Tequila Sunrise.
Meanwhile, Mr B had a Mimosa, mainly so that I could try it!
Two empty glasses! Oh yes!


  1. ;-) Rene does look very chilled as do you lovely :-) Those drinks look very nice. Have a great time, dee xxx

  2. Aw I love that Rene gets to come on holiday with you ;)

  3. That is a well-travelled cat! Enjoy your hotel stay xx

  4. What a gorgeous beast, his owner isn't too bad either! xxx