Sunday, 6 October 2013

You Say Tomato, I Say...

 The cutest little squeezy tomato ketchup dispenser.

He has eyes, a smile and 'feet'.

And here he is with some real cousins from our next door neighbour.
Mr B ate most of them last night when he got home.
Along with pasta, I don't like tomatoes either.
(I would, sadly, make a rubbish Italian!)
would say
“So I have to find a theme that has enough meat to it - pardon the cheesy pun - for me to able to write a solid episode. That being said, one of my favourite episodes this [second] season is ‘Bitchin’ Booty Camp Extreme,’ and from last year it’s ‘The Breakup Bonanza.’ That has one of my favourite lines that I ever wrote - ‘Even if you and your ex don’t agree on the little things - like he says tomato and you say, go f**k yourself - you’ll both agree that this salad rocks.’ I love that line so much that it’s actually on a new limited edition t-shirt right now in our store. If you want to check it out, it’s a really beautiful and hilarious t-shirt.

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