Friday, 11 October 2013

Oaty Goodness

My fave 'oaty ' recipe from Lucy at Attic 24.
(And check out all her beauteous creations and colour-loveliness while you're there)
With added almond slivers and coconut shavings. Which I toasted beforehand in a skillet. Makes them so much more tasty.
A rather solid slab of flapjack!
Could find my usual recipe, which, really, I should know by heart. So, I tried one from Anthea Turner's "The Perfect Christmas" (The most pretentious video ever...worth watching for the 'curl-up-with-embarrassment' factor, but quite a nice book really!); a bargain find at TK Maxx ages ago.
This had shredded coconut in which is okay but with no timings given it was a bit-play-it-by-ear; I think if I'd put it into 2 baking dishes rather than the 8" one suggested, making it thinner, it would've been so much nicer. But it won't go to waste...these are the only ways you'll get me to eat porridge oats, so it's a pretty good breakfast meal!
I've been rather unsociable blog-wise recently. Stinky cold-type thing and feeling as though I've fallen at the third hurdle of my CBT, so not been in the best of places since coming home., at least that's a start!
Z xx