Saturday, 5 October 2013

Morning, Glory

You cannot imagine the joy this morning as I looked out of the kitchen window and saw this.
I do believe I let out a little squeal!
I have wanted to grow one of theses for years!
Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' aka as Morning Glory.

Its' less fancy looking cousin, convolvulace,  is treated as a weed and we get a lot growing through from next door, wrapping itself around the pear trees, which is a bloomin' nuisance! But, oh, these blue beauties...sigh, I am in love.
Morning glory is also a slang term which I had never heard of until Mario said he was 'suffering' from it when he was in the Celebrity Big Brother house!
Trust 'men' to call 'it' glory! Pah!
Z xx
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  1. So beautiful!! And I love your blog!!!
    If you can, I'd be incredibly honored if you could check out La Dolce Moda and follow if you like :)


    1. Wow! That was a fast response, Francesca!
      I think I am following you, with GFC, cos your blog's great too! I've also just clicked to follow with Bloglovin' too! (Just to make doubly sure!!)
      Z xx