Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nottingham - ideas please

Mr B is going to here for a week 
Theatre Royal
Which looks like this inside...gob-smackingly stunning. (Probably a Matchams at a guess) 
Alan Metheringham/flickr

Where do you suggest I visit. I've googled lots of things, but 'insider info' is always the best!
So far...several vintage shops, archery, clay pigeon shooting, a couple of lovely country houses/gardens, the castle and an ice skating lesson have caught my eye.

Considering I've hit a-not-very-good-at-going-out phase, I may just spend it in the hotel room!


  1. Green's Mill in the Sneinton area. It's a windmill where the mathematician Green lived, there is a hands on exhibit and good views from the hill it's on.
    The caves under Broad Marsh shopping centre, not sure of the times and opening days but, you should be able to get the info from the visitors info line.
    Central cemetry on Mansfield road, not gory or anything, just an oasis of wildlife and interesting staturary. Next to that, forest fields where the annual Goose fair is held in October, but, nice for a stroll and just at the bottom of the sloping park is the road, Gregory Boulevard, into Hyson Green area, lots of multi-racial shops, including Indian seewt shops (ooh the waistline expands thinking about it!).
    That's all that come to mind at the moment, if I think of any more, I will blog you.

    1. Thank you so much for the ideas! Those caves sound great and should be nice and cool in this warm weather.
      Can't beat a good cemetery for a wander, can you?
      How do you know Nottingham?
      Might have to stay away from the sweet shops!
      Z xx

  2. Sorry, that word, seewt should have been 'Sweet' !

  3. I don't know Nottingham at all. Sorry! Have fun anyway and we will go out for bra shopping when you get back!