Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer Ruffles

Little round buttons and rouleau button loops, ruffles, sleeveless and crochet hem and trim.
A lovely, ruffly, flimsy Summer top.
Worn with my pre-loved Christmas present from Mr B, found at our village Christmas Fair.
A lucky 7 ring necklace.
Apparently each ring stands for something different -
life, love, longevity, friendship, health, wealth and happiness
or, depending what you read -
1st ring-Long Life.
2nd ring-Good Friends.
3rd ring-Health.
4th ring- Love.
5th ring-Wealth.
6th ring-Peace.
7th ring-Happiness.
or, even the seven days of the week.
Take your pick, but it is a lovely item to wear and I love to touch and roll the rings around.
Very tactile.
Do you have a 'special meaning' piece of jewellery?


  1. A lovely top and a pretty necklace - all my jewellery means something, every bastard piece! xxx

  2. Lovely jewellery, i like the idea of the meaning behind the rings. I have one bit of jewellery, a vintage butterfly brooch that my mum bought her mum with her first ever pay packet. Loved your comment on my blog, those New Look nude shoes are really nice, I love them and I glad you have found a pair of summer shoes to make you smile. No studying at Brum anymore but definitely want to arrange a meet up sometime in the future. xx

  3. A lovely summery top and even better, some actual summery weather to wear it in! xx

  4. I have a ring which used to belong to my mum which I love although it really needs to be re-sized as my fingers seem to have shrunk. I also have a ring which my nan bought for me as a reward for my Queen's Guide Award. I love that and wear it most of the time.

  5. I have ring which I bought in Mexico when I was drunk. Inability to work out exchange rates in my inebriated state means that the ring is important lesson in shopping whilst drunk. Don't do it.

  6. Hi there! Such a pretty top, love it! x