Monday, 9 June 2014

Pantone Shade for 2015?

B'stard Pink.

Oh yes, I can see this colour really catching on, can't you?
I couldn't believe it when Mr B told me about it.

all photos, except this one, from Google
 It is the name used for a certain colour of lighting gel, which is like a heavier version of a cellophane sweet wrapper that you cut from a roll to fit in front of a stage lighting lamp. I thought they were just red, pink, yellow etc or possibly a number, as there is a huge choice of colours available.
But b'stard pink and its cousin b'stard amber are for real and do, in fact, cast a wonderful glow for human flesh.
the wonderful Mayall character of Alan B'stard MP
 Now, I had intended to just do this as a post 'cos I like the Pantone year shades, (here and here), but this, sadly, can  also link to the sad demise of Rik Mayall today at the too young age of 56.
I have 2 memories of Mayall.
The first time I met him in the flesh was when Fashion Aid was on at the Royal Albert Hall and I was working at London Festival Ballet; we had all the dancers and extras corralled in the dance studios and he was messing around with this fleshy-coloured T-shirt, (the Katherine Hamnett one from the show possibly?), rolling it up and sticking it through his open flies, so it looked like a penis!

As Rick from the brilliant 'The Young Ones'
The second time, I was at Chelsea Design and he came in with one of his 2(!) partners and a small toddler, dressed in Osh Kosh dungarees and tiny baseball boots. They said they wanted an outfit for the child to wear at a wedding. So I ushered them towards the pastel silk pageboy be told that the child was a girl! Ooops!

oh my, hasn't she grown
(Though that faux pas was nothing next to the clanger I dropped with  Chantal Hanover - it still makes me cringe even now!)

If you have 6 minutes to spare do watch this snippet of film from Fashion Aid. I do believe there is a VHS video of it, (which I NEED to own NOW), that has Freddie Mercury and Jane Seymour getting married! It is beyond...anything I can think of!


  1. Where have you been? It's so sad about Rik Mayall. He shaped my sense of humour!

  2. Thought it was about time I stopped by and said hello :-) Hope you are well. Such sad news about Rik I went to see him and his show Bottom a few years ago now in Bristol it was fabulous. Big hugs dee xx

  3. I was shocked and saddened by Riks death. Such a talented man.