Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My 'Bloody Brigadoon' Moment

At a guess, most of you would have seen "Four Weddings and a Funeral"?
And you remember the bit at the Scottish wedding, where Simon Callow arrives in the room where everyone is dressed in tartan and dancing Scottish reels?

Well, I had 'that' moment the last night we were in Nottingham. Can you guess where I'm going?
Sitting in The Cross Keys, a very old pub, eating our very yummy dinner when who walks in but Robin Hood!

 It's Robin Hood, bloody Robin Hood!
(and a German camera crew) 

Yes, it's Robin Hood, just having a pint of ale
I nearly choked on my crayfish and avocado salad!
All tooled up and ready to go...
...robbing from the rich, to give to the poor 

All together now, you know what's coming...couldn't get this theme tune out of my head!
One of my greatest childhood programmes.


  1. You are having a great time in Nottingham aren't you?
    I was once sitting in a vegetarian restaurant in Nottingham when the guy who played the Captain in that sea themed series filmed in the 1970's , began with 'p', heavens, can't remember the name of it. Anyway he walked in and he was even more handsome than on the screen!
    Was it Poldyke or similar? There were tall ships in it!

  2. Oh wow! Haha, I've never seen Four Weddings.. or Robin Hood for that matter.

  3. Ha!!!!!! This is so funny!!!! Can't believe you saw that! Love that theme tune even though I never saw the TV programme!x