Monday, 14 July 2014

Holiday Kickback

New shoes!!!!
I first saw these in TK Maxx in Milton Keynes; just one lone pair in a size 6, that were too big!
The cheapest place I could track them down to was ASOS.
This was the first time I have ordered from them and they were brilliant!
The de Havilland order packers could learn a lesson from them on how to pack a box of shoes so they don't arrive in a battered box!

Celebrating Mr B being on his summer break by having drinks at Starbucks today.
Which is sort of my 'excuse' for not blogging or commenting.
But I have been reading your posts!
 We went to Birmingham on Friday and saw this wicker jumping horse on a traffic island outside the Indoor Market.
Rather lovely isn't it?
Some of you may remember my 'Wicker Wednesday' posts?
(Here, here, the Wicker Wednesday Whicker Island post and some more Brummie wicker here, to give you a taster!)
Hope the links give you a giggle.